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The leading provider of remanufactured ground support equipment in the aviation industry, RCL Components works closely with Davis Intellidesign to ensure cutting edge capabilities in the digital age.
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Huston Platt's Dixie Twister

Dixie Twister chronicles the bond between Randall Davis and legendary drag racer Huston Platt. Mr. Davis restored Platt’s famed funny car the Dixie Twister in tribute to Huston Platt.
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The University of Georgia Bulldogs football team has a rabid fan base (excuse the pun), and UGAMADDAWG.COM leads the charge into Sanford Stadium between the hedges on any given Saturday.
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Old School Painting and Tile

Old School Painting & Tile is the leading painting and tile company in the downtown Athens area. The two principles contracted Davis Intellidesign to develop a dynamic online presence for their business.
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The Landscape of Us

Collins & Collins Design contracted Davis Intellidesign to rework their online presence. It is important to Barrie and Angela Collins that this website provides a solid introduction to their core design values.
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Davis Intellidesign specializes in helping create a stronger online presence for organizations that need to develop, reach, and grow their target audience.

Online Business Development/Target Marketing in the Digital Age

Press Release: October 6, 2012.
Randall Davis hired Davis Intellidesign to construct an online presence detailing his experience with the Dixie Twister funny car and its original wheelman, Huston Platt. Dixie Twister chronicles the bond between Davis and his drag racing mentor, the legendary Huston Platt. Mr. Davis restored Platt’s famed funny car the Dixie Twister in tribute to the man who had such a profound impact on his life. Randall Davis now runs the restored version of the Dixie Twister at tracks across America to the delight of racing enthusiasts. Learn more at

Press Release: May 21, 2012.
Davis Intellidesign presents our newest client, Old School Painting & Tile. With over fifty years of combined experience between them, the co-owners of Old School Painting & Tile enlisted Davis Intellidesign to develop an online presence for their business that would enable them to reach more customers. Now, Old School Painting & Tile is able to reach their target market online at

Responsive Web Design Adapts to its Surroundings.

mobile_devices Responsive web design allows users to access content from the web on a variety of devices (think computer monitors of different resolution, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry). While web developers used to design information/websites to be viewable on a computer screen, today Davis Intellidesign seeks to accommodate multiple types of web browsers, as well as mobile devices.  Ethan Marcotte, who first coined the term responsive website design, stated, “Responsive web design offers us a way forward, finally allowing us to design for the ebb and flow of things.” As new and more efficient ways of accessing the internet continue to emerge, we are able to truly maximize the potential of the internet by ensuring that our online presence extends across multiple platforms.    Responsive website design adapts to its surroundings. We at Davis Intellidesign are committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology of website design and business development. While the medium for disseminating information is in a constant state of flux, our mission remains clear: to help you reach your largest possible target market on every available online platform.

Press Release: April 27, 2012.
Davis Intellidesign introduces Collins & Collins Design. For Barrie and Angela Collins, it is critical that they have a web presence that is indicative of their core design values. Davis Intellidesign is pleased to present their website,, which exemplifies those beliefs and allows Collins and Collins Design to grow their target audience.

Davis Intellidesign: Understanding the Future of Newspaper/Media Publishing

Davis Intellidesigns places a significant amount of resources towards Research and Development, with a current focus towards understanding the challenges and opportunities moving forward for newspaper, television, and other media outlets. Publishers at all levels are faced with unprecedented changes as cultural values shift away from traditional printed copy towards digital mediums. Ultimately companies are seeking to leverage their resources to reach the largest target audience possible, and Davis Intellidesign's core mission allows us to have insight into how newspaper and other media may reallocate resources to find the market they seek...more our expertise is now accessible to any business seeking to reach more customers online.

Press Release: August 23, 2011.
  Davis Intellidesign is pleased to announce RCL Components, Inc. as our latest client. RCL Components, the leading provider of remanufacture services in the ground support equipment industry is rapidly growing into one of the leaders in the engineering of cutting edge solutions in design improvements for the leading commercial aviation companies in the world. In addition, RCL Components is on the forefront of upgrading and updating ground support equipment used by the United States Military, both domestically and in combat zones.